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How does Sele-Dent, Inc. Deliver the Highest Quality Dental Services?

Sele-Dent, Inc.'s rigorous quality assurance program guarantees that every practitioner in the Sele-Dent, Inc. network has the qualifications, credentials, and professional performance history to deliver on our promise of high quality services.

How thorough is Sele-Dent's Practitioner Credentialing Program?

Our reputation is based on the quality of services we deliver to our members. That's why all Sele-Dent, Inc. practitioners must pass an exhaustive background review. Sele-Dent, Inc. credentialling personnel contact each source and verify each statement submitted by the practictioner. Credentialling personnel contact educational institutions, state agencies, and professional associations to verify professional qualifications. Quality assurance at Sele-Dent, Inc. doesn't stop with initial admittance into the network. Periodic credential re-verification ensures that members receive the highest and most consistent level of quality dental services.

How can Sele-Dent, Inc. help you reduce your current dental costs?

On average, Sele-Dent, Inc.'s fee schedule will be less than 60% of UCR. Our members have enjoyed significant cost reductions when compared to other dental programs in the area.

  • Actuarial Calc & Projections
  • Plan Development
  • Professional Claims Review
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Pre-Determination of Claims
  • Member Educational Services
  • Dental Network in 50 States
  • Individual Discount Programs
  • Utilization Review for all Claims
  • Access To Claims System
  • Toll-Free Customer Service
  • Subrogration of Claims
  • Dental Case Management
  • COBRA Administration
Why Choose Sele-Dent

Sele-Dent provides the highest quality dental services at affordable prices. Our program is available to a family, individual or group of any size. Our PPO offers one of the lowest dental fee schedules in the country, along with a network of established dentists with the highest credentials.

Who Are We?

A leading national dental PPO, and Third Party Administrator. After years of experience, Sele-Dent provides the best dental products, and discount programs in the nation — including dental and prescription discount cards. This product is available for individuals, families and groups of any size. Pricing for groups may be customized to further provide savings.

Member Services

Sele-Dent prides itself on outstanding customer service. Our customer service department has actual benefit analysts handle all phone calls. We believe in real people helping real people; there is no automated phone system. Our staff is always available to assist in any questions our individuals or groups may have in a courteous manner.