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Self-Funded Access & Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Self-funded Plan?

A: Self-funded is when an entity (ie. Welfare Fund, Teachers’ Union, School District or business), retains an organization such as a Third Party Administer to administer their dental benefit. The entity is responsible for actual claims experience (dental procedures performed rather than an Insurance Premium) for the participants. Usually leasing a dental network, such as Sele-Dent is incorporated in this service.

Q: What are some advantages in choosing a Self-funded Plan?

A: Typically, a self-funded plan may offer better benefits and provide significant savings to the entity, as opposed to traditional indemnity plans. Furthermore, when choosing a self-funded option, the plan sponsor may design a specific dental plan which is customized to the group’s needs and dental requirements.

Q: How large of a group should go Self-funded?

A: There are various schools of thought on this question. Our organization believes in most circumstances, a group should be over 400 employees to consider a Self-funded option. However, Sele-Dent does not provide Fully-Insured dental quotes for smaller groups better suited for a traditional indemnity plan. Sele-Dent does not administer fully insured plans. Sele-Dent does not administer fully insured plans.

Q: Is it difficult to go Self-funded with Sele-Dent, Inc.?

A: No. Sele-Dent, provides Consultations for benefit plan options. Sele-Dent processes all dental claims in- house , manages all banking arrangements, handles all customer service and provides a comprehensive proposal and implementation. It is virtually simple, easy and painless to go Self-funded with Sele-Dent.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing a Sele-Dent Participating Provider versus a Non-Sele-Dent Provider under a Self Funded Plan?

A: It is very important to choose a Sele-Dent Participating Provider. This is not a HMO type plan; it is a PPO– Preferred Provider Organization. Therefore, in most cases, groups with Sele-Dent, pay benefits for non Sele-Dent providers as well. However, if you choose a Sele-Dent Provider, you will in many cases, have no out-of-pocket expenses and may receive considerably more dental services within your plan maximum, as opposed to visiting a non-participating provider.

Q: How does Sele-Dent handle quality control of its network?

A: Sele-Dent performs a rigorous background check for applicants to the network. This includes academic degrees, licenses, Insurance documents, active DEA number and conducts on-site visits to make sure our members have the finest treatment possible. Sele-Dent, Inc. ensures our network provides the highest quality dental care to all our groups and their members.

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Sele-Dent provides the highest quality dental services at affordable prices. Our program is available to a family, individual or group of any size. Our PPO offers one of the lowest dental fee schedules in the country, along with a network of established dentists with the highest credentials.

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A leading national dental PPO, and Third Party Administrator. After years of experience, Sele-Dent provides the best dental products, and discount programs in the nation — including dental and prescription discount cards. This product is available for individuals, families and groups of any size. Pricing for groups may be customized to further provide savings.

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Sele-Dent prides itself on outstanding customer service. Our customer service department has actual benefit analysts handle all phone calls. We believe in real people helping real people; there is no automated phone system. Our staff is always available to assist in any questions our individuals or groups may have in a courteous manner.